8. Award Ceremony & Gala Santander Consumer Bank

It was a memorable evening of Award Ceremony, Gala and Motivational Conference for our client.The opening of the event itself was very exciting. It was a Talent Show Competition. Employees at all levels of talent participated in this live show. Each performance was really enjoyed and the colleagues artists on the stage were cheered on by audience. The show was hosted by Marcin Wójcik, an actor and comedian. For our clients, galas and award ceremonies are usually the most important events of the year. Therefore, we pay close attention to its preparation and implementation. Based on the event scenario we present the best multimedia solution we possibly can. One of the innovative solutions during this event was an interactive Table Quiz. Everyone could take part in the Quizz by using a simple mobile application. Polish singer Marcin Miller hosted this unusual and exciting digital quiz. A scenography including multimedia were based on the event’s theme and consisted of three different sets. Those were adjusted during the event depending on the programme.
Quick and trouble free installation and dismantling was not even noticed. Different sets for the Talent Show Competition, for Gala and Award Ceremony as well as for the evening concert all made a “WOW” effect.Beautiful round dining tables setting along with elegant lighting solutions created an amazing atmosphere. The final part of the event was an evening concert of Polish band Ladies of Power. Perfect sound and unique lighting all contributed to a great live show that night.January 2019, Jachranka