Business Partners Meeting for Koncept – L

As always we helped with pre-event activities to generate excitement as guests travelled to the event. The event trailer full of beautiful landscapes of Podlasie region was an amazing introduction of what was to come. Inviting international attendees made the event even more outstanding. Each of the companies contributed to this successful partnership event.The TRS creative team developed a unique scenography concept along with the event theme.Spectacular event lighting created amazing and powerful effects during the presentations.The evening was packed with inspiring shows and attractions. Introductions and other elements of the programme highlighted the beauty of Podlasie region.Event attendees enjoyed their celebration dinner that was held in a local restaurant Uroczysko Zaborek with amazing local food served.Selection of outdoor and indoor activities complimented the event. Outdoor activities such as nordic walking, cycling and carriage rides were a great opportunity to experience nature and cultural assets of Podlasie region. Horse riding, pontoon rafting as well as dumplings workshop and live music in the evening created fantastic opportunities for entertainment. There was no time to be bored!June 2018, Janów Podlaski