Giganci 2.0 – Sales & Marketing Conference E. Wedel

Success needs to cherished. That was our motto while working on this event. Our goal was to prepare a truly creative event concept that would go along with the newly implemented organization’s culture for this company.

This event was produced with the newest event technology trends in mind, with projection mapping. The movies, computer animations and multimedia we prepared all helped to theme the event. Videos were projected onto a huge 150 square meters flat screen as well as onto 3D object. Walls, floors and interior turned into a fluid and dynamic backgrounds. This technology added to an event’s memorability, interactivity and most importantly the feeling. They not only kept the event fresh, but also engaged the attendees.

The whole event was hosted by Polish TV presenter Maciej Dowbor.

As a part of the event was also a charity fundraising activity. The money raised at the event were used to support two dog shelter. One in Korabiewice and one in Celestynów.

September 2019, Łódź