Call me Cowboy! – Team Building Event E. Wedel

A Wild West Theme Event is one of the all time classic event themes. Our client chose this idea for their team building event.For this event we chose the venue that was one of the biggest and more flexible in design. We really transformed the venue using selection of props when decorating to give the guests a true taste of the West. We made sure the event carried the feeling of living as a cowboy out in the wilds of America. When decorating we replicated look of a frontier town giving the whole venue that rustic look. We also designed the space to create authentic saloon feeling. Lighting, decor style and design all come together to carry the guests into the world of a small American town in the West.Live music and dynamic event scenario offered much more than typical team building activities. All of these elements combined created the perfect Wild West atmosphere of the event.May 2019, Praska Drukarnia