Grand Opening for Ontex

It was a spectacular grand opening of the new factory in Radomsko, Poland. Not only for our client but also for the whole region.An event spot happened to be in a factory itself. Simple and spacious interiors combined with our multimedia and amazing light show made a real statement and surprised all the guest. A huge vertical white boards were used to decorate the factory’s interiors, along with elements that went along with the company character. Our creative team ensured that the brand identity was consistently maintained throughout the whole event.The highlight of the evening was a magnificent light show. This futuristic light show left a lasting impression on the audience. At the end of the show the white folding boards opened out showing the interiors of the factory. By opening out they created a gate that all the guests could go through and start the tour of the new factory.Invitation and responses were all done through RSVP website. This event hosted 150 participants including local authorities, international guests and journalists. Opening for Ontex was mentioned in newspapers and many publications. The whole event was a great opportunity to network and to create awareness around the brand.February 2019, Radomsko